A sunny day in Brighton

Escape to Brighton

In order to get to Brighton from where we now live in Kent, it’s easier to take a 25-minute cab ride west to a small train station than go into Central London only to come back out again. And so that’s what we do today. It’s overcast and cool, 18 degrees after a record-breaking week of 30+ degrees. And we’re revelling in the cooler temperatures.

We always seems to go to Brighton when it rains. In the past five years, I only have one clear memory of a sun-drenched day on the front when the tops of my feet got sunburned in my ballet flats and my ever-present jumper stayed in my bag the entire day. It stands out as a perfect day because I won at crazy golf – something that very rarely happens – though I still lost every game of air hockey.

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An introduction to Vancouver

To be honest, I didn’t have time to form preconceptions of Vancouver. We booked the trip at the beginning of the year, then proceeded to move to our dream house in Kent, which had to be fully kitted out, and I pursued a new role client-side (good-bye agency life!). Whirlwind doesn’t begin to describe it. I’d seen a few images of British Columbia, but my knowledge of things to do in Vancouver barely filled a hastily opened Google doc.

And so, we – inveterate planners who ran out of time – committed ourselves to spontaneity and word-of-mouth recommendations for things to do and places to eat and boarded our British Airways direct flight to Vancouver. A mere 8.5 hours later, aligned with the setting sun, we touched down in a city shrouded by twilight and clouds.

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36 Hours in Prague

Prague is a city of dichotomies: picturesque medieval buildings bumping against soulless concrete structures of Communism; castles and cathedrals rising in majesty next to city walls covered in graffiti; a primarily atheist population in a city rich with religious history and statuary.

Prague Castle

It’s the tension between old and new Prague that I find intriguing and makes this small capital city of the Czech Republic a great destination for a city break. If you’re a newbie to Prague and only have 36 hours, here are some suggestions to make the most of your stay.  Continue reading

Je T’aime Paris

Eiffel TowerI spend most of my time right now saying ‘I can’t believe it’s already…’ Fill in the blanks as it suits: Sunday night (after an amazing and full weekend), spring (after all, Christmas was, like, last month), my one year wedding anniversary (wait, what?!) That’s right, it’s already been a year since Andrew and I got married in York. After many months teasing me that we would be spending our first anniversary in a run-down beach town on the north east coast, he surprised me with tickets to Paris for a long weekend. Let me tell you, the relief was palpable, and it was one of the best weekends of my life! Continue reading


Around this time last year I was writing up my first whirlwind weekend in London, and here I go again. I left behind the cool and rainy East Coast and flew straight into a heat wave – four days of sun and high temperatures. I can’t get enough of this city. Every time you turn a corner, there is something new to see, always beautiful and rich in history. And of course, there are the old favorites that are a must-see on any trip to the city. Continue reading

The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming!

I’m embarrassed to say how much time has passed since the Brit and I visited Boston. It’s true that after I came home I dove head-first into a pile of work and have only recently re-emerged. But honestly, how hard is it to write up a travelogue of one of the coolest cities in America? Because that’s what it is – one of the most beautiful, charming, and fun cities in the country. It’s definitely near the top of my list. Thanks to the elephantine memory of AR, here follows a quick summary.  Continue reading

A Hat, An Island, and a Wedding

There are some places where your first visit serves as an inoculation of sorts – once seen, you need never to return.  Wilmington, Delaware comes to mind. My first visit to London however, reported here in October of 2010, was not such a place. The city has lived on in my heart and head, and it was with great excitement that I made my way to Dulles for the red-eye to Heathrow at the end of April. Continue reading