Meet The Founder of Suave Menswear Label Musika Frère

Musika Frere AW'15 First impressions count. We’ve all heard the saying and agree with it on some level, but luxury menswear brand Musika Frère has taken it literally. According to Aleks Musika, one half of the US-based design duo, your style and appearance are indicative of who you are. And in today’s highly visual culture, saturated with street style photography, endless selfies and obsessive Instagram feeds, style is more important than ever for the man who wants to stand out and impress.

Musika Frère attended the recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia to showcase their AW’15 collection. They sent sharply tailored three-piece suits, fur-trimmed overcoats and bold colours and patterns down the catwalk. These are men who pay attention to the details.

We had the chance to catch up with Aleks Musika for his take on inspiration, colour and gender-bending on the catwalk.

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Could fashion do more to redraw gender lines?

PHOENIX Spring 2015 Issue The Young And The Brave | Lost Boys, Photographer: Elizabeth Gibson, Stylist: Annie Swain PHOENIX Spring 2015 Issue The Young And The Brave | Lost Boys, Photographer: Elizabeth Gibson, Stylist: Annie Swain

What role does the fashion industry play in defining gender, and does it have a responsibility to provide gender-neutral options for those people who do not identify as male or female?

Those were two of the questions I was fussing over when I attended a recent fashion conference at Southampton Solent University.

“We are born male or female, but we’re taught to be a boy or a girl,” says Katie Atkinson, Senior Editor at WGSN and one of the speakers at the conference. It’s hard to deny that gender socialisation begins at birth and continues throughout life; pink or blue, princess or cowboy, flowers or footballs And, because what we wear and how we style ourselves are outward expressions of who we are, fashion plays a crucial role in both reflecting and shaping our personality and psychological state, even if it’s as subtle as deploying a tailored suit to boost your confidence in a male-centric environment or throwing on a pair of killer heels to mark the transition between ‘anonymous pedestrian’ and ‘queen of the night.’

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The Swedish Shoe Brand That Nailed Summer

From Chanel’s foray into designer sneakers to the current collections of Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim, to the existence of Net-a-Sporter (your destination for high-end workout / apres-workout gear), the recent trend for luxe sportswear shows no sign of stopping. And Sweden-based Vagabond Shoemakers, with their retro platform trainers and sport-inspired pool slides, have truly found their moment in the sun.

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Isabella Blow – In Flight from Convention

I came a bit late to the party, having only ‘discovered’ Isabella Blow in recent years. But she has captured my imagination with her playful approach to fashion, her irreverence that still retained respect for the industry and her passion, which ran at full tilt. I was, therefore, thrilled when the Somerset House announced a major exhibition of the ‘extraordinary life and wardrobe of the late British patron of fashion and art’. Continue reading

New York’s Own – John Saldivar

A few weeks ago, over Indian food and a bottle of wine, John Saldivar – a talented designer who released his self-named line in 2007 – talked New York fashion with me. John’s line taps into the subtleties of women’s power and playfulness, and if you haven’t had a chance to see his work, check him out at Keep an eye out for online shopping and the placement of his line in major retailers…Bergdorf Goodman being at the top of the list.
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