French madeleines

Spring really is peeking round the corner with the bulbs coming up on the patio, the daffodils and snowdrops in St James’s Park and the nights getting a bit brighter. My in-laws are visiting this weekend, which always means good food and drink, and I thought I’d contribute with a new favourite recipe. Continue reading


An amateur’s attempt at snowflakes and roses in sugar

This past year I’ve tried to be more adventurous with my baking and now feel fairly confident with a range of breads as well as desserts: lemon cake, lemon meringue pie, fruit crumbles, fruit muffins, cheesecake and shortbread. But my baking has always been pretty basic, never straying into anything too fancy.

First CakeHowever, I recently took a cake decorating course with Amanda Penny (highly recommended to anyone in the London area!) and learned a few techniques for assembling and decorating cakes (see the result to the left!), and I have to say I’ve found a new love!

After spending a sizeable chunk of my monthly pay on cake decorating equipment, I decided to test my newly acquired skills and bake a cake for our traditional Christmas morning nibbles with the neighbours.

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