The Great Gatsby Captures The Heady Jazz Age At Sadler’s Wells

The Northern Ballet returns to London with its sell-out sensation The Great Gatsby at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre. If you missed its first tour in 2013, as I did, this is your chance to pounce on tickets. But hurry – it’s only in town for seven performances.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby captures the heady Jazz Age of 1920s America. It’s a story packed full of decadence and luxury. You can almost hear the hot jazz on the summer night breeze and taste the bootleg cocktails. But underneath the dazzling display of excess, obsession and unrequited love lead inevitably to tragedy.

Such a plot-driven story was always going to be difficult to translate into a ballet, relying as it does on the clarity of Fitzgerald’s language. But David Nixon OBE and the Northern Ballet do an admirable job. If you know and love Gatsby, you’ll love the ballet. If you haven’t a clue who these people are and what they’re on about, you may be a bit confused. But any misunderstandings along the storyline will fade with the impeccable performances the dancers give.

Read more at Phoenix Magazine


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