Turn of the seasons

It was only on my run today that I realized it was fall. Just past the honeysuckle – its fragrance still sweetening the cool, bright air – I saw a row of bushes, their once green leaves shot through with light brown, providing just the perfect contrast to the plump, red berries that weighed down their delicate branches. I looked up into the surrounding treetops – golden brown, soft yellow, rustic red. And then I knew it. Summer is over.

Chris Craft RacerThese are the days that you want to hold with two hands. Days when the pale blue sky is filled with narrow rows of wispy white clouds, the sun straining to warm the air as the crisp breeze winds its way through the neighborhoods. A frontal system moved in today forcing the wind to over 40 miles an hour, up to 50 in some places. I drove along the tree-lined streets, watching as the wind grabbed the earth, trying to shake some sense into it. A part of me hoped some sense would be shaken into me too.

I’m crossing my fingers for a second job interview, after a promising phone interview yesterday. And I even had my first ESL tutoring session, though I’m not sure who was more drained – me or RR. But we made it through two hours and four verb tenses. Nice to be putting my hard work on the CELTA certification to good use.

The library has become my sanctuary now that I’m unemployed. I’ve never had so much fun. I spend most of my time with Agatha Christie – Curtain is probably the best murder mystery ever written, but that’s only because Hercule Poirot and I go way back. I’ve also been working my way through some short stories by John Cheever, who is one of my favorite authors. I do love my downtime.

Happily, I feel like I’m coming back to life. I’ve got my recipes out, and I’m cooking again – coq au vin tonight. I’m brimming with new schemes – languages I want to practice, parts of town I want to live in, stories I want to write, places I want to visit. Things are looking up.



One thought on “Turn of the seasons

  1. G says:

    Ooh, have you read much Henry James? Turn of the Screw is still by far the best psychological thriller short story I have read. 🙂 I am glad things are looking up for you! Love you, sister…

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