It’s a lovely day

I’m not sure it gets anymore New York than attending a lecture by Candace Bushnell and Jennifer Weiner on friendship, sex, and shoes. The lecture series at the 92nd Street Y (92nd and Lexington) is phenomenal, and I wish I were going to be here to attend more of them. I’m blaming the holiday – Week Three feels like it slept through its alarm clock and is now rushing to catch up on its day.

There are only three more lessons to plan, only one more paper to write, and then…who knows? At least it looks like I’m going to pass. I applied to my first ESL job today – in DC today, Russia tomorrow (?) – and am hoping to have something firm lined up by Christmas. Visions of Barnes and Noble and Caribou Coffee dance through my head as I try to think of how to supplement a part-time teacher/private tutor salary, wondering once again what could have possessed me to make this move. The key is to not allow paralysis to set in. My friend IT says that the flip side of fear is excitement, and I’m trying to remember that as unemployment looms.

Lest you think New York is all work and no play…

Friday night found me at the MoMA, taking advantage of the free admission to listen people wax…er…eloquently about modern art that I don’t even try to understand. Thoroughly enjoyable! On

Me and the Brooklyn Bridge

Me and the Brooklyn Bridge

Sunday I fulfilled a personal dream when I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. The view of Manhattan on one side and Brooklyn on the other thrilled me to the core, and I grinned the entire way across. I love Brooklyn. I love its winding streets, its large trees, its parks, its waterfront, its small shops. It is a place I could easily call home.

Wednesday, my friend LB and I went to Times Square and got half-price tickets to see Mary Poppins at the New Amsterdam Theater (214 West 42nd Street). It was mind-blowing! There were differences in story line, character development, and music that threw me at first. But I soon found myself leaning forward, mouth agape like a cod fish, in absolute awe as the set changed before our eyes into bursts of color, as toys and statues came to life, as Bert danced on the ceiling, as Mary Poppins flew out into the audience and disappeared in the rafters. All we could cry was “Bravo!” It’s one of my favorite New York memories.

This weekend my friend LH came for a visit. In search of cold prosecco, we stopped at Spigolo (81st and 2nd) before heading to Midtown to meet some friends at The Modern (53rd and Fifth Ave). This gorgeous bar is quiet, simple, and just pretentious enough to make it interesting. It was also nearly empty! That didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves. Saturday’s crisp morning jog in Central Park set the tone nicely for an active day. Unable to resist the draw of the Great Sphinx (16th and 9th), we grabbed our gyros and headed to The High Line to eat overlooking the Hudson River.

Labor Day was grand – the Staten Island Ferry carried me (briefly!) to the fifth borough and back with a great view of the Statue of Liberty. I then walked all over lower Manhattan, no particular destination in mind, letting new corners introduce themselves to me casually. I lunched at Pastis (9th Ave and Little West 12th St) on croque-monsieur and white wine, completely enjoying the decadence. That evening, my friend MS showed me the magic of her New York life – Madama Butterfly on the outdoor screen at Lincoln Center (63rd and Columbus), a walk up Fifth Ave, a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery (49th and Ave of the Americas) eaten overlooking Rockefeller Center, then a late-night movie at the Paris Theatre (58th and East Dr).

It’s getting late, Ella is singing the blues, and Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton is calling out to me. Good night, my dear friends. Thanks for sharing this adventure with me!



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