With one quick breath, I blow out the wasabi candle,
Green and sharp, that sits beside me.
Smoke finally released from the flame, rushes upward,
Free from constraint, carrying my beating heart with it
As the sound of your voice echoes ‘goodbye’ in my ear.
Finishing the last sip of my martini as Pandora plays the
Closing bars of this East Coast bar, while you are
Taking the first sip of your martini as Pandora plays the
Opening bars of your West Coast bar, I sit  motionless.
My ear aches from holding the phone – you – so tightly to me.
It’s late and I should be tired, but our conversation has released
Friendly gremlins that rush forward, each with his assigned task.
Books to read, music to explore, questions to ponder, airline tickets to book.
And yet, what I give in to, is my desire to climb into my bed,
Curling my knees close to my chest, the hood of my sweatshirt
Pulled up over my head, cradling the small spark you have revived.
The spark of being recognized, the spark of being seen truly for
Who I am in all my glory – the good and the bad – and of
Hearing through it all, your voice saying
“You are my dear friend.”

For B.B.



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